Bar & Resturants Insurance Coverage’s




Bar & Resturants Insurance

General Liability:  Insures against trip/slip and fall, food poisoning, injury on premises, property damage, etc.
Liquor Liability: Insures against liquor liability claims from over-serving, alcohol poisoning, etc.
Workers Compensation: Covers your employees against injury in the workplace.
Business Income: Insures your businesses’ income while your establishment is in repair for a covered loss
Products Coverage (Breweries): Cover your brewery’s product when your patrons take it home.
Equipment Coverage: Insures your restaurant/bar/brewery equipment against property damage/loss.
Business Property: Your non-fixed property, tenant finish and catering equipment.
Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): Very important for establishments that are high energy or serve liquor. Covers your business, management and employees from sexual harassment, wrongful termination and other civil claims.
Assault and Battery Coverage: Covers your bar for employee on patron or patron on patron violence or physical injury.

Theft/Crime: Covers you for theft or crime caused by outsiders and your employees.
Business Auto: Covers your delivery, catering or service vehicles on the road.
Spoilage: Insures your stock for loss caused by power failure/outage.
Umbrella: Overlays your other insurance products to increase your liability coverage.